Website Suggestion Box!

by Rhonda Harris

Regarding this website, please use the Comment feature (below) to submit your suggestions, content, corrections or other communications.  Your comments will be received and held “behind the scenes” — not posted back to this site.  The site administrators will receive, review and act on the input. Thank you!

Community Food Bank

by Bill Whitmer
Church Thanksgiving gift boxes handout 003

January 2017 Along with the Warner Springs Community Resource Center we are building a Community Food Bank. Please bring cans of food to church.

The Truth Project 2017

by Bill Whitmer

UPDATE, 2/12/17: The Truth Project 2017 has been put “on hold” until a better date and time can be agreed upon. Please contact Bill Whitmer with your ideas on interest level and best meeting days and times! These same ideas may be posted as Comments on this page; see below. Thank you! When: Fridays, 11a […]